Brooms was shot on 35mm film over a couple of days in Borough Market, London, before its extensive redevelopment. It featured the original cast of Stomp (including Luke Cresswell) and members of the US touring companies at the time, with a cameo appearance by Lee Evans. Executive produced by Quincy Jones, it was line produced by Sophie Clark Gervoise and shot by long time collaborator, Christophe Lanzenberg. Luke and Steve first worked with Christophe on a series of commercials for Target in the USA.

Based on the opening routine of the show, the film went on to be nominated for an Oscar and was screened in competition at Cannes in 1996.

It was released on video as a bonus feature on the Stomp Out Loud DVD.


STOMP were invited to collaborate with the Harlem Globetrotters as part of their 90th anniversary celebrations. Shot in 4k, with a handheld gimbal, it was a marriage of skills, bringing two different disciplines together. 

The basketball court booked for the day was deemed inappropriate, so the entire team gatecrashed a court in downtown Manhattan.

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With the global pandemic hitting hard in March 2020, all live performances of STOMP were cancelled. It was the first time in 26 years that there wasn't a single production of STOMP somewhere, anywhere in the world.

Wanting to keep the flame alive, we embarked on a series of Zoom like videos (and one 360 VR video), using footage contributed by performers who were under lockdown all over the world. They were so effective that ESPN commissioned another series to run alongside the US Open TV coverage in September 2020.

See the videos here.


When STOMP was about to reopen in New York in the summer of 2021, we returned to the lockdown theme, bringing performers out of their Zoom boxes and back onto the stage. This sequence was shot at The Old Market in the UK, standing in for NYC.


Prior to an extended run in Beijing and tour of China, the shows promoters wanted to launch a Stomp short film made in Beijing for a Chinese audience. Based on the Shopping Trolley sequence from the show, this was filmed over one night after hours in a Beijing “western style’ supermarket in 2016, with a Chinese camera/gimbal operator and an international cast.

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Conceived and directed by Luke Cresswell during the pandemic lockdown, SPIN sees a man alone, driven to distraction and finding his own imagination to be his saving grace.

Shot with regular collaborators Mike Roberts (production, sound recording and mixing) and Fraser Morrison (production and camera operator).

Still currently playing film festivals around the world, SPIN has won Best Background Score at Mumbai Shorts International Film Festival and was a Finalist at Pierre Cardin Short Musical Film Festival, Lacoste, France.